education workshops

Education Workshops

Intuition have spent the last three years extensively researching and implementing coding applications and emerging hardware solutions into a cohesive framework for learning in schools.

The aim is to integrate coding throughout the curriculum, implement modern learning techniques and encourage the development of critical thinking skills. New curricula for coding are being implemented in schools all over the world, and new and imaginative resources are emerging, allowing students to develop skills in computational thinking and progress from concept based approaches such as coding blocks to working with coding languages.

Intuition workshops employ engaging hands on techniques using imaginative applications and hardware such as Swift Playgrounds, Parrot drones, Osmo Coding, Sphero and Bloxels to introduce teachers and students to the world of coding.

Working in partnership with industry leaders, Intuition is well equipped to deliver 1:1 hands on experiences with class sets of resources in all workshops on offer. These include: Parrot, Sphero, Bloxels, Osmo, Bee-Bot and Lego WeDo 2.0.

education workshops
education workshops
education workshops

The Three App Solution

Showbie, Book Creator and Explain Everything.

There are 1000s of applications on the app store, so at Intuition we start with the essentials! This hands on keynote / workshop has been delivered in over 40 countries and welcomed as an effective and accessible strategy for introducing iPads into the classroom.

Offering maximum impact with a clear and simple workflows, The Three App Solution facilitates great content creation, paperless distribution systems, clear assessment, class discussion and marking.

Emerging Technologies

Bring your classroom to life.

Augmented Reality and 360° panoramics have emerged as exciting and engaging experiences for transforming learning spaces. A variety of effective resources are available that allow teachers and students to create high quality content across the entire curriculum range.

These hands on Intuition workshops demonstrate the considerable impact these emerging technologies can have on learning spaces in subject specific and cross-curricular contexts.

education workshops

Keeping it hands on

Intuition have been invited to deliver keynotes and workshops across 40 countries, focusing on successfully and effectively integrating the iPad into the educational environment.

We work with schools worldwide on their curriculum and IT strategies to achieve the integration of technology whilst maintaining dynamic learning spaces.

Intuition has achieved an international reputation for presenting original and engaging high quality experiences, which balance realistic expectations for the modern classroom with relevant hands on examples.

education workshops


iBeacons allow you to create unique location based interactions which offer a vast range of possibilities for schools and classrooms.

Intuition has extensively researched and developed resources for this new technology allowing the creation of engaging proximity based experiences for any curriculum area.

Our soon to be released book iBeacon Projects contains 25 projects demonstrating the many uses of iBeacons within a school environment. Sign up to our newsletter for further information.

As part of the workshops for iBeacons we have developed the iBeacon Murder Mystery series. These are a collection of self contained apps that allow you to run your own murder mysteries ‘straight out of the box’.

These have been used as ice breakers for corporate events, induction days for new students and entertainments for education events.

Alternatively book an iBeacon Murder Mystery for your next event and give your delegates a unique iPad experience - can you solve the murder?

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