Hi, and welcome to my website. My name is Joe Moretti, an educator with almost 40 years experience in Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education directly in the classroom. An experienced practioner I am also an Apple Distinguished Educator.

I work with schools and universities world wide (in over 45 countries to date) on their use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms.

On the following pages you’ll find information on Sleuth IT, details on the Keynotes and workshops I deliver and some hints and tips for using technology in the classroom and how to contact me. 

Keynotes and Workshops

You’ll find detailed information on the Keynotes and Workshops I deliver on this page and a summary of the areas I cover below. Contact me for further details or  book me for an event here. You’ll find images from my Keynotes and workshops (like the one’s above) throughout the website. 

Adventure Games for Literacy

With my wife Fi, I’ve been developing Sleuth IT, a resource for engaging students in literacy work. There are 11 games currently available which are being used in schools all over the world.

Sleuth IT adventure games are whodunnits for the classroom which place students at the heart of the action. As each story your unfolds they must turn detective, sifting through evidence, analysing witness interviews, exploring locations and cracking codes in order to gather all the information needed to solve the mystery.

As they work to solve each case your students will develop core literacy skills, reading for understanding, critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication.


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