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Hints and Tips 1

I’m kicking off the hints and tips section of the website with a really useful workflow. I’ve amended this workflow with an additional ‘nugget’ or little gem from Mike Watkinson, this is using the app Ferrite (FERRITE LINK)  to add audio to Pages documents. We then export the document to ePub for students to read and interact with in iBooks.

Some points to note:

  • You can do this with your Word documents. recycle them! import them into Pages and add audio and video before exporting to ePub. Of course, this isn’t exclusively about teachers. Get your students creating wonderful, media rich documents.

In this video I cover:

  • Adding apps to the dock
  • Working with split-screen
  • Instant alpha (improve your images in seconds!)
  • Adding audio to Pages documents with Ferrite
  • Exporting to iBooks
  • Some features of iBooks
    • Search
    • The built in dictionary feature
    • Highlighting text
    • Making notes
    • Exporting your selected text
    • Bookmarking pages
    • Accessing your notes from the index section


Here’s the link to the video,  Hints and tips 1

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