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Welcome to Joe’s Hints and Tips.

I’ve been asked many times to publish a compilation of useful tips and ideas for using the iPad in the classroom. For each ‘hints and tips’ article I’ve created a short summary and a short (less than 10 minutes) demo video.

The videos are ad hoc, captured on the fly and roughly edited. The idea is to share something that educators can dip into from time to time and pick up a useful idea without spending ages reading through reams of text or watching an extensive video.

As well as delivering workshops we invite schools and venues to host events in partnership with Intuition. See below for details.


  AR STORYCUBES PROJECT This is a fairly extensive project and I’ve tried to keep the description as brief as possible, but at the same time […]


Four very exciting workshops are coming up in May. I’ve manage to negotiate some great freebies to be included for each workshop. Link to registration is […]

Hints and Tips 2

Hints n Tips 2 looks at 5 ‘quick and easy’ little ‘nuggets’ for you to use. 5 more of these next week. Some points to note: […]

Hints and Tips 1

I’m kicking off the hints and tips section of the website with a really useful workflow. I’ve amended this workflow with an additional ‘nugget’ or little […]

Transforming Learning Spaces With iBeacons

Why use iBeacons in Education? The iBeacon protocol was standardised by Apple and unveiled at the Apple Developers’ Conference in 2013. In December of that year, […]

Tools For Assessment

I’ve been asked about collating this information together so often that I thought it would be useful to create a downloadable summary in PDF form (link […]

Travel Blog Denmark iPad Event 012.09.16

h   ttps:// At the ATEA Denmark iPad event I was invited to present my keynote, ‘Connecting to the past, Delivering the Future’,  a series of […]

Travel Blog Norway Coding Tour 09.16

One of the aspects of delivering Keynotes and Workshops in Norway that I look forward to is working with Andrew Rhodes the National Education Manager for […]

Think Different!

Think Different is my favourite Apple campaign to date. It encapsulates the whole Apple as an innovator ethos and is still a relevant message for educators […]

Connecting to the past, delivering the future

This is the title of one of my keynotes and was put together as a reaction to the embracing of a new technology or edu-strategy as […]

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