I have delivered keynotes at BETT, ISTE, GESS Dubai, SETT and GESS Turkey, some of the foremost education events globally.

A Mindset for Change
- I’ve presented this keynote worldwide examining why some teachers are reluctant to change and overcoming the barriers to implementing change. There is also a hands on workshop version of this Keynote! 

Gamification for Education
How can Gaming engage students and enhance learning?

A Three App Solution
This Keynote (which is also a hands on workshop) has been very well received as it allows teachers to develop an effective strategy to using technology in their lessons with the minimum of applications)

Coding in Education
I have been delivering coding workshops for 10 years now. This keynote looks at coding solutions for different age ranges and how to implement them successfuly; from app based to make spaces. 

“How do you enhance the learning experience with technology? “


It sounds kind of obvious, but workshops should be a hands on, exciting experience that has teachers going away excited to try out the new things they’ve learned with they students.

Another key aspect is relevance. When I work with a school its on your agenda. What will be most effective and useful for your school. Every workshop I deliver is essentially bespoke. Of course, there are core elements:
the most effective apps
Paperless management systems
Useful workflows

But all put together around the needs of your school, staff and students.

It all starts with the learning - how is the technology going to enhance this?

Some of my workshops are listed below! 

The workshops I deliver are listed below with a short description, although their agenda of each workshop is invariably moulded around a schools curriculum needs.

Please note: The content and breadth of each workshop differs according to the age range!

Sleuth IT Taster The Time Machine
Want to know how Sleuth IT works and try it out for yourself? Are you ready to save the world?


As the coding platform for iPad has literally exploded over the last 5-7 years, I originally wrote a comprehensive book reviewing all applications for iPad. I now deliver workshops in all of the following
Swift Playgrounds
Swift Playground Accessories
Sphero and Bolt
BBC Microbit
Osmo coding - including Osmo Pizza! 

A Three App Solution

Originally focused on Showbie, Explain Everything and Book Creator, this solution is a development from that. Technology moves on and I have developed variants on this idea according to schools’ needs and budgets.

GarageBand Workshops, iPad and Mac

In the last year I have delivered GarageBand workshops in five different countries, to Music specialists and class teachers alike. GarageBand is an amazing tool for composing music regardless of age and music knowledge. GarageBand makes it possible for everyone to create great music - this workshop shows you how. 

Below is one of my GarageBand presentations from the BETT show, (apologies for the bad jokes)… 

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