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Tools For Assessment

I’ve been asked about collating this information together so often that I thought it would be useful to create a downloadable summary in PDF form (link below) for the most useful tools. I’ve created video tutorials for some of these tools in my app. Workflows and Lesson Plans for Showbie. 15 tutorials videos for using Showbie in your class. The app isn’t free, but the PDF below, and the information listed here is!

Google Forms. Google Forms are great for offering students a range of choices to respond to: open ended short answer, open ended paragraph, multiple choice, check boxes, drop down menu, linear scale (choosing from 1 to 5 as a response scale for example) or a multiple choice grid of answers.Student feedback is collated into a downloadable spreadsheet.

Nearpod offers a range of interactive tools to add to a series of slides / images. Nearpod has been constantly updated since its launch, (recent updates have included ‘on the fly’ questioning, notes feature and 360 degree panoramics), Nearpod can import existing Powerpoints and turn them straight into NPPs (Nearpod Presentations). Teachers are able to preview slides before sharing them to students and the slides and interactions are displayed on the student devices. .


Socrative is a simple to use and powerful tool, allowing you to gather student responses in three ways: multiple choice, true or false and short answer. These can be combined in different combinations to create Quizzes, which in turn can launched as straightforward quizzes or as Space Races. Space races bring an extra competitive element to the experience with student responses being given visual feedback with a character moving across the screen for each correct answer.

Kahoot! With Kahoot students see the question on the main screen with options for the correct answer, and make their choice on their devices. Points are gained for quick response times and Kahoot has a shared device ‘team’ mode also.

Playposit allows you to insert interactive review elements into online video clips (hosted at YouTube, Vimeo, Teacher Tube, Shmoop and Google Drive). Play posit fills the gap left by Zaption closing. Being able to turn videos from passive to proactive experiences and share them easily via Showbie is a a great asset, and for those teachers wishing to use their own content being to add these elements to your video when hosted on Google Drive is a great asset. Students can view these in the Playposit app.

Poll Everywhere is great for polling (strangely enough) , multiple choice and open ended questions with the facility for displaying the user feedback in different ways, for example a word cloud (my favourite).

Formative allows you to set up assessments with a variety of media, (images, PDF) and questioning.  Formative offers some quite sophisticated features allowing you to see all of the different student responses on your screen as well as give feedback and marking in real time.


Quizlet allows you to create quizzes with a variety of tools including audio recordings. Unlike many other tools you can create classes and study sets within the tool and track student activity.


Quizziz is quite similar to Kahoot, where Kahoot displays the choices on the main screen and students vote with their devices, Quizziz displays question and answers on their devices. More points are awarded for prompter answers.

Two other websites worth checking out that offer assessment tools that can be shared via a link in Showbie:

Triventy contains pre-made quizzes (as do many of the tools here) that you can search for and run with a similar ‘screen display’ of questions and students responding on their devices work flow (as in Kahoot). and

Quizalize that displays how well students are progressing.


This PDF is taken form my app Workflows and Lesson Plans for Showbie. 15 tutorials videos for using Showbie in your class.

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