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Travel Blog Denmark iPad Event 012.09.16




At the ATEA Denmark iPad event I was invited to present my keynote, ‘Connecting to the past, Delivering the Future’,  a series of coding workshops and a music demo/performance with Kristian ‘UFO’ Humaiden, the celebrated Danish Drum n Bass artist.

With the keynote I was asked to demonstrate the ease with which teachers can use an iPad to recycle their existing Word and Powerpoint documents before making the transition to including Augmented Reality in the classroom, which I did with Blippar’s excellent Blip Builder.

Blippar, takes AR for education to new heights, offering multiple interactions from one image with a range of media. An excellent resource.


The coding workshops focused on recently developed new hardware / application based solutions , principally: Bloxels , Osmo Coding and coding drones from Parrot and Sphero.

The latter are programmed with the excellent Tickle app,  the challenge being to cover this in 45 minutes. Tickle is intuitive and allows you to cover numeracy concepts in a very tactile way – plus coding a drone to fly is engaging and a lot fun.

Results below.

Occasionally I am invited to collaborate with some great musicians, Kristian UFO Humaiden is a Drum n Bass artist from Denmark with a string of hits to his name. For the Kristian delivered a keynote on the inspiring work he is doing with disadvantaged young people in Denmark. Totally awesome work. As part of his presentation he invited me to do a demonstration of GarageBand on iPad’s features reproducing one of his hits in front of the audience, using the one screen features as much as possible. By this I mean, without adding 3rd party microphones, keyboards etc. GarageBand on iPad is a stunning creativity tool, intuitive and powerful. We recreated the entire track with drums, keys, bass and the whole structure before finally adding a guitar interface to demonstrate the built in guitar amps and plugging in an electric guitar. (There has to be a guitar solo!) before UFO and I performed the track live, the results are below.

This performance has been recreated several times in different parts of Denmark, and a re-union ‘Tour’ is being planned , Spring 2017 in Copenhagen.

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